Events in the area


Feast of St. Mauro Abate Viagrande – Feast of the patron San Mauro Abate Viagrande. Spectacular exit of the Patron Saint with a grand choreography of fireworks.


Acireale The most beautiful Carnival in Sicily, is one of the oldest on the island, Among its features there is the parade of floats and flowered.

The wagons allegorical-grotesque papier-mâché works are finely worked, that give their show through thousands of bulbs and lights, movements and spectacular scenery constantly changing during performances. They are the only cars in the world to use similar systems of lights and movements mechanical and hydraulic. The wagons infiorati have the character to show subjects created entirely with flowers (real) arranged side by side. They are also equipped with mechanical movements and lights.

In August takes place the Summer Carnival.


From 3 to 5 February in Catania celebrates the festival of Sant ‘Agata, the patron saint of Catania, the patron of the most beautiful in the world, three days of worship, devotion, folklore, traditions. Festival that annually attracts up to a million people. The first day is reserved for the supply of candles. An evocative folk custom has it that the candles donated are high or heavy as the person seeking protection. This first day of the festival ends in the evening with a grand firework display in Piazza Duomo. The next day there is a procession through the streets of the city. In four or five thousand pulling the heavy machinery. All strictly wear the “votive lot.” The fercolo is followed by eleven “cannalori” tall wooden columns that represent the corporations of arts and crafts of the city. On holidays the traditional Fair of St. Agatha.


Very striking is the Good Friday procession that takes place in Acireale


Viscalori blooming Viagrande -. In May, in the beautiful ancient village of Viscalori, Viagrande, the event takes place Viscalori blooming: music, art and colors.


The Feast of Saint Alfio in Trecastagni, the most characteristic and the most beautiful of spring in the province of Etna, since time immemorabili-

Eve, May 9, ‘Holy Night’, from Catania and the surrounding towns go up to the Sanctuary diTrecastagni, on the slopes of Etna, many devout pilgrims, ‘the nuri’ (nudes), often barefoot, carrying a heavy ‘candle’ votive on his shoulders, to offer to the saints.


“‘To Nivarata’ Acireale and the ritual of the Sicilian Granita” July

Sagra del Pesce Spada Acitrezza – during the celebrations of the patron saint San Giovanni Battista.


Feast of St. James in Caltagirone – The city pays homage to the patron saint, with the majestic and famous Scala Santa Maria del Monte for the occasion is ‘enlightened’ with traditional tiles oil and brings a unique design for every dwelling .


ViniMilo ‘Festival of Wines Etna’, a showcase for the promotion of the product and for the dissemination of the culture of wine and wineries and Etna in Sicily, in the historic center of Milo.


Feast of the Harvest in Viagrande – ‘The Harvest and its traditions. ”


Worth noting is the Ottobrata Zafferanese, important trade and cultural which takes place every Sunday of October in the historic center of Zafferana (about 9 km. From the holiday home). The protagonists of each Sunday are the typical products of the earth, and their derivatives: grapes, wine, mustard, honey, apples and seasonal fruit, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, pistachios, mushrooms Etna etc. ..

December / January

Cribs Acireale – traditional route of Cribs. Church of Our Lady of the Snows exposure crib of ancient workmanship dating from the 17th