Acireale – Summer Carnival

Summer appointment with the Carnival: Acireale invites you with the fantastic performances of its spectacular floats with totally free entrance.

For those who are nostalgic for the carnival, Acireale offers the chance to see the allegorical floats of the latest edition. From August 3rd to 18th (excluding the 14th) the first four of category A will perform, including the winner of the 2019 Italian Carneval Award: “I was hoping it was love, instead …”

Acireale invites you one last time before the end of the summer with the fantastic performances of its spectacular floats on display in the historic center, where there will also be games, with free admission. Participation in the event could be an opportunity for those who do not know the float parade and for those who have missed the opportunity to see them, as the summer version is a synthesis of the best and the most beautiful floats and costumes of the winter edition that traditionally every year, between January and February, is repeated in Sicily.